02. What and where is Villa Biron?

Villa Biron is a residential building located in the city of Saint-Ouen, a city engulfed by the conurbation of Paris, the French capital. The area itself is a confluence of foreign-born populations who for one reason or another moved in the pursuit of bettering their life conditions. Initially it was a industrial area with poorly constructed houses and it was mostly inhabited by Spanish and Italian immigrants[1], in 2013, over 26% of its population was foreign born[2], according to our interviewees who live there, a significant portion of the current population come from areas in Africa that were connected to … Continue reading 02. What and where is Villa Biron?

03. Trajectories: Why? How?

Migration policies to Europe may very according to the country, visas can be troublesome in different degrees according to one’s nationality, in general terms a person can travel to France as a tourist for a limited amount of days, this person will either need a visa granted by a French representation abroad or it can also be waived in some cases. Holders of either Brazilian or Peruvian passports can have free mobility in the Schengen area[1] for 90 days within a period of 180 days. Entering a country as a tourist does not allow a person to work or to … Continue reading 03. Trajectories: Why? How?

05. The future of Villa Biron

Despite the fact that Villa Biron has had and sometimes still has a stigma attached to it: because of its location, the status of its dwellers. It offers a space that can be lived and becomes a sign of resistance and resilience in an era that still challenges people if they do not conform to behavioral e aesthetic standards. Giovanna, Samantha, Tabata, Vania, Nathaly and Luna are just a few examples of people who just want to live their lives as everybody else, they should be seen not as gender-non-conforming males, transsexuals, transvestites, prostitutes, women, men, illegal migrants. They are … Continue reading 05. The future of Villa Biron