02. What and where is Villa Biron?

Villa Biron is a residential building located in the city of Saint-Ouen, a city engulfed by the conurbation of Paris, the French capital. The area itself is a confluence of foreign-born populations who for one reason or another moved in the pursuit of bettering their life conditions. Initially it was a industrial area with poorly constructed houses and it was mostly inhabited by Spanish and Italian immigrants[1], in 2013, over 26% of its population was foreign born[2], according to our interviewees who live there, a significant portion of the current population come from areas in Africa that were connected to … Continue reading 02. What and where is Villa Biron?

03. Trajectories: Why? How?

Migration policies to Europe may very according to the country, visas can be troublesome in different degrees according to one’s nationality, in general terms a person can travel to France as a tourist for a limited amount of days, this person will either need a visa granted by a French representation abroad or it can also be waived in some cases. Holders of either Brazilian or Peruvian passports can have free mobility in the Schengen area[1] for 90 days within a period of 180 days. Entering a country as a tourist does not allow a person to work or to … Continue reading 03. Trajectories: Why? How?

04. Travestis – Who are they?

It’s important to discuss the gendered issues around the subjects of our work, the “travestis”, the dwellers of Villa Biron. Such people have been framed in different ways, both by associations, scholars and the ordinary people themselves, many times leading to contradictory actions towards them. In this essay, we propose to shortly discuss what bind these people in a group from a more materialist perspective. One can say that transvestites, or “travestis”, in a Latin American context, simply designates males who embody femininity in different degrees and who are somehow in contact with prostitution. Such conception, however, has been evolving … Continue reading 04. Travestis – Who are they?

05. The future of Villa Biron

Despite the fact that Villa Biron has had and sometimes still has a stigma attached to it: because of its location, the status of its dwellers. It offers a space that can be lived and becomes a sign of resistance and resilience in an era that still challenges people if they do not conform to behavioral e aesthetic standards. Giovanna, Samantha, Tabata, Vania, Nathaly and Luna are just a few examples of people who just want to live their lives as everybody else, they should be seen not as gender-non-conforming males, transsexuals, transvestites, prostitutes, women, men, illegal migrants. They are … Continue reading 05. The future of Villa Biron